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Feature Release


Release Date:
July 20, 2022

New Experience

New Experience

  • We have an entirely new experience! X-Ray has a new look and feel including the following:
    • A fresh design
    • One step scan flow, no need to create a separate snapshot and scan - check out Getting Started: Running a Scan for more info
    • Automatic tableau visualizations for scan results
    • Email notifications for scan completion (or failure)
    • Improved customer support contact form

  • We’ve redesigned our results dashboard to simplify the readout and make results easier to understand
  • Fixed a bug that was causing scans to fail when the org had too many Groups for our current code to handle
  • Users can now filter the object automations table based on if objects are managed or unmanaged
  • Users will no longer have access to the legacy UI to display scan results, this has been replaced by Tableau visualizations
  • Scan results cannot be exported to Google Sheets (only CSV)