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How to run a scan

Getting Started
Last Updated
May 8, 2024
How to run a scan with Hubbl Diagnostics
  1. Getting Started: To initiate a scan using Hubbl Diagnostics, navigate to the dashboard and click on "Run a Scan."
  1. New Scan Setup:some text
    1. Scan Name (Required): Give your scan a unique and descriptive name.
    2. Login Type (Required): Choose the appropriate type, such as Sandbox or Production/Dev Org.
    3. Who Owns This Org: Indicate if the org belongs to you, your employer, or another company. 
    4. Description (Optional): Add a brief description to provide context for the scan.
  1. Agree to Terms: Check the box to confirm your agreement with the Terms and Conditions, then click "Next."

  1. Salesforce Login: You'll be redirected to a Salesforce login screen. Enter the credentials for the org you wish to scan, and if needed, input a custom URL. Click "Log In."
  1. Authorization: Grant Hubbl Diagnostics access to your org by clicking "Allow" when prompted.
  1. Review Details: Back in the Hubbl Diagnostics portal, review the auto-filled details from the previous steps. If anything is incorrect, click "Cancel" to start over.
  1. Initiate Scan: Click on "Start Scan" to commence the Hubbl Diagnostics scan on your selected org.
  1. Scan Progress: Congratulations! Your scan is now underway. Monitor its progress by clicking "View Scans."
  1. Check Scan Status: Navigate to the "All Scans" page, where you'll find your latest scan and its status, initially marked as "In Progress."
  1. Scan Completion Notification: Expect an email notification when your scan is finished. The duration depends on your org's size.

Upon completion, you can review the basic scan results. Consider upgrading your scan for more valuable, actionable, and insightful outcomes!