Salesforce health check.

Unveil the most comprehensive view of your Salesforce health, complexity, and utilization.

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Salesforce optimization — automated.

Check the health of your Salesforce org

Automatically schedule Salesforce health checks to gain a holistic view 
of the org, identify risks, and set a baseline for improvement.

Explore optimization recommendations

Discover your top recommendations for improving the health of your org, prioritized by severity and effort.

Track progress + monitor health trends

Track the progress of your Salesforce org’s health over time and proactively monitor for new recommendations 
and risks.

Understand how well you’re using Salesforce

Assess and optimize Salesforce usage by auditing licenses, identifying unused objects, exploring usage patterns for strategic decisions, and monitoring org limits to prevent bottlenecks.

Assess the security of your Salesforce org

Uncover, remediate, and prevent security and compliance risks by monitoring custom code, installed packages, and permissions.

Identify Salesforce apps that require updates

Check installed packages against a comprehensive database of package versions, preventing security gaps and ensuring access to the latest features.

Visualize and optimize automations

See all record-triggered automation in your org and gain insights into workflows, processes, flows, and triggers for effective planning of migration to Flow.

Speed up your Salesforce org

Streamline your Salesforce experience by removing unused custom fields, consolidating record-triggered automation types, and updating legacy automation.

Monitor and communicate org health

Enable continuous monitoring of your Salesforce org's health and complexity through scheduled scans and executive-ready visualizations.

Assess Salesforce health against industry benchmarks

Benchmark the health of your Salesforce org against the rest of the ecosystem. Gain insights into the org's standing compared to industry standards and guide efforts toward continuous improvement.

Healthy Salesforce, thriving organization.

Save time

Save thousands of hours per year with automated Salesforce org optimization. Not only does it remove a previously manual task, but also prevents issues before they become a problem.

Mitigate risk

Effectively mitigate business risks associated with data breaches, unauthorized access, or compliance violations, building a resilient and stable organization.

drive adoption

Foster user adoption by maintaining a healthy Salesforce org. Minimize disruptions, build the features users need, and create a fast and seamless user experience.

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Salesforce org health and optimization made simple—and free.

Our purpose is clear: to make thriving Salesforce solutions easy and accessible to all.

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