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Helping Salesforce teams improve the efficiency, accuracy, and security of Salesforce org merges.

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Simplify your Salesforce org merge with Hubbl Diagnostics.


Automate metadata audits to gain a holistic view of the orgs, make survivorship decisions, and identify metadata inconsistencies.

plan + Prioritize

Prioritize tasks by level of effort and severity, and leverage a single source of change documentation for effective collaboration.

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track + monitor

Track migration progress, measure team and platform adoption, and monitor org performance and health over time.

utilization evaluation

Compare how each org utilizes the native capabilities of Salesforce to accelerate your multi-org environment analysis.

Custom code analysis

Assess custom code, including Apex, Javascript, and API versions. This ensures that any custom components are risk-free, compatible, and can be seamlessly integrated during the org merge.

Security + permission set review

Review profiles and permission sets, ensuring that user access controls are accurately replicated and adjusted based on the merged structure, preventing any security loopholes.

metadata cleanup

Identify and clean up unused or redundant metadata components, reducing clutter and ensuring a more efficient merge process.

Record-triggered automation analysis

Analyze workflows, processes, and other record-triggered automation to optimize and harmonize them during the merge. This includes identifying duplicate or conflicting workflows for a smooth transition.

installed package optimization

Automatically identify and address out-of-date packages, ensuring enhanced security, streamlined package landscapes, and optimal performance post-merge.

Post-merge maintenance

Build valuable documentation for post-merge maintenance, offering a clear understanding of the merged org's structure, dependencies, and areas that require ongoing monitoring.

Simplify your Salesforce org merge with Hubbl Diagnostics.

Save time + resources

Optimize the Salesforce org merge process by automating manual, time-consuming tasks to significantly reduce workload.

De-risk your org merge

Identify potential security and performance gaps, ensuring compliance and creating a more seamless, secure, and risk-mitigated transition.

Build trust + drive adoption

Orchestrate a merge that exceeds user expectations, fostering trust and cementing the merged org as a reliable and user-friendly platform.

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How Microbiome Labs accelerated their Salesforce org merge with Hubbl Diagnostics

“At the end of the day, Hubbl Diagnostics helped make our Salesforce better for our users. And as a Salesforce Manager, that’s my primary goal!"

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Plan your Salesforce org merge with Hubbl Diagnostics.

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