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Accelerating Salesforce org merges with Hubbl Diagnostics

Accelerating Salesforce org merges with Hubbl Diagnostics

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communication

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July 24, 2023

After being acquired by Novozymes, Microbiome Labs faced the daunting task of planning and executing a successful org merge. 

Merging complex Salesforce orgs can often take months (including hundreds of hours of repetitive, manual work), but Lauren Margolin, Salesforce Manager at Microbiome Labs, and her team found a solution to streamline and expedite the process: Hubbl Diagnostics. 

Starting fresh with a clean slate

The first step in any successful Salesforce org merge is to ensure the orgs are as clean and optimized as possible. Microbiome Labs worked for almost three years to optimize their original instance of Salesforce which had been created with not all the best practices in mind. At Dreamforce 2022 they came upon Hubbl Diagnostics and quickly realized this was a tool they could utilize to help with technical debt, user adoption, and potential data security concerns. 

On top of this complexity, Lauren and her team were also challenged with:

  • Meeting tight timeframes: Initial plans laid out the migration for a seven-month agile sprint cycle. This type of migration typically takes 12 months for proper testing. After realizing even the seven-month timeline would not fit their contract renewal time frame, the sprint was sped up to a mere four months.
  • Improving security and compliance: As a larger global company, Novozymes had more robust security and compliance regulations that Microbiome Labs would be required to meet including GDPR standards.
  • Increasing user adoption and trust: As their original Salesforce implementation was not optimal, Lauren and her team understood the importance of doing it right from the start. After three years of hard work, they were determined to not only ensure those changes were reflected, but that Salesforce 3.0 was even bigger and better—the single source of truth, a platform built around trust, transparency, and full user adoption.
"Our new org had to meet the strict security and compliance regulations of Novozymes, and Hubbl Diagnostics helped us quickly identify and address potential security gaps in our current org. It gave us peace of mind knowing that we were building a robust, scalable, and secure foundation for our future."

Solution: Hubbl Diagnostics

To address their pain points, Microbiome Labs turned to Hubbl Diagnostics, a powerful org intelligence solution that provided comprehensive insights into the current state and complexity of their org. 

Using Hubbl Diagnostics, Lauren and her team conducted frequent scans to compare and contrast their progress over time. They focused on field utilization, schema analysis, and profiles and permissions—a critical aspect for Novozymes, who followed a principle of least privilege for data access. 

"The level of complexity in our Salesforce org was overwhelming, but Hubbl Diagnostics helped us uncover hidden issues and inefficiencies. The tool's ability to identify redundant automations, unutilized fields, and outdated code was instrumental in streamlining our merge process."


Hubbl Diagnostics Recommendations Dashboard (demo data)


Orchestrating a seamless Salesforce org merge

Microbiome Labs successfully achieved its objectives for the org merge in just under 4 months! April 24th they went live, all while ensuring that the transition was smooth and the current Novozymes org as well as Microbiome Labs 2.0 org remained usable throughout the process. With Hubbl Diagnostics, they were able to compare usage post-merge, identify any missing elements, and ensure the ongoing quality of their org. 

In terms of time saved, Lauren estimates that Hubbl Diagnostics saved her team hundreds of hours of manual work throughout the project, resulting in a significant return on investment.

"Anyone who has gone through an org merge or migration project knows the immense amount of metadata you need to wade through to effectively plan and orchestrate the new org… Having a tool to distill this complex metadata into executive-level visualizations saved us hundreds of hours of work.”

A successful org merge with Hubbl Diagnostics

The clean slate, executive alignment, and time saved through Hubbl Diagnostics allowed Microbiome Labs to not only meet fairly unrealistic deadlines but also establish a streamlined, optimized Salesforce org for their users; the most important piece of any CRM!

“At the end of the day, Hubbl Diagnostics helped make our Salesforce org better for our users. And as a Salesforce Manager, that’s my primary goal! Single Source of Truth: Trust. Adoption. Security. Data Quality. Reliable Analytics!”


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