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Ever wished you could see your out-of-date Salesforce apps?

Identify risky packages

15% of custom code security issues originate from installed packages; timely updates bolster security and shield your Salesforce instance from potential threats and data breaches.

Access the latest features

Out-of-date installed packages are often missing important and impactful feature updates. Keeping packages updated ensures you’re maximizing your Salesforce investment.

Speed up your org

Out-of-date packages often contain legacy declarative automation, such as workflows and processes, which impedes productivity and hinders the efficient operation of your org.

Automate Salesforce app checks.

Previously, checking for Salesforce package updates was a tedious manual process. As a result, 99% of Salesforce orgs have installed packages with newer versions available. Hubbl Diagnostics automates this process, saving you hundreds of hours of manual work.

Understand package utilization.

Ensure you’re using the Salesforce Apps you pay for by drilling down into utilization metrics including record counts, field utilization, object usage, and user engagement.

Mitigate risk of non-security-reviewed apps.

Privately listed applications may not have undergone the rigorous AppExchange Security Review process. Assess these installed packages to identify any custom code issues or security risks.

Leverage ecosystem benchmarking metadata.

Check installed packages against a comprehensive database of package versions, ensuring you have access to the latest features and updates.

Continuous monitoring and reporting.

Enable continuous monitoring of your Salesforce org's installed package environment, ensuring you’re building and maintaining a secure and optimized Salesforce org.

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How Jostens saved time and effort with Hubbl Diagnostics' free solution

“Hubbl Diagnostics is a must-have for any consultant, admin, or developer working with Salesforce. Its free scan provides a complete summary of the customization and complexity within an org—it’s unlike any other tool.”

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Did you know 99% of Salesforce orgs have out-of-date installed packages?

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Flipping through some key pages of the 2023 Hubbl Diagnostics Benchmark Report on Salesforce Optimization, 2nd Edition.

Identify your out-of-date installed packages with Hubbl Diagnostics.

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