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How Jostens saved time and effort with Hubbl Diagnostics

How Jostens saved time and effort with Hubbl Diagnostics

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Last Updated:

July 24, 2023

Organizations heavily rely on Salesforce to manage their data, streamline processes, and drive growth. However, like any well-used tool, Salesforce orgs require check-ups and maintenance to ensure they stay in an optimal state.

Jostens, a leader in academic products and services, faced the challenge of managing their aging (13-year-old) and highly complex Salesforce org. To keep their org agile and optimized, Chris Pearson, Director of Salesforce Engineering at Jostens, turned to Hubbl Diagnostics, a free Salesforce org analysis and monitoring solution. 

Navigating Salesforce org complexity and proactively managing technical debt 

Jostens had been on the Salesforce platform for over a decade, meaning their org was a prime candidate for outdated packages, deprecated functionalities, and technical debt. Chris and his team were looking for a comprehensive solution that could help them gain better insights into their org's health, prioritize optimization efforts, and efficiently manage their technical debt.

“We were swimming in technical debt. A high amount of customization and prioritization of new features meant that we were constantly fighting fires of things not working correctly. We lacked a true lens into the totality of the tech debt and needed a mechanism that could help prioritize and measure our progress.” 
— Chris Pearson, Director, Salesforce Engineering, Jostens

Discovering Hubbl Diagnostics: A free solution with unmatched insights

After considering various org health tools, Jostens discovered Hubbl Diagnostics and its free tier, offering insights that other solutions couldn't match. Chris found the promise of understanding managed packages, which play a critical role in their org, particularly appealing. 

"The free tier promised insights that I couldn't get anywhere else. Managed packages are part of almost all orgs and admins love them because they provide additional functionality with minimal configuration. Our org has dozens of managed packages, many likely being out of date, not security reviewed, or worse, deprecated."


Hubbl Diagnostics Packages Dashboard (demo data)


What did Hubbl Diagnostics uncover?

After scanning their Salesforce org with Hubbl Diagnostics, Jostens uncovered significant insights that impacted their efficiency and performance:

  • Out-of-date package identification: Jostens identified an installed package with a new version available. Upgrading the package eliminated the need for a planned custom build, saving significant time and valuable resources.
  • Facilitating Flow migration: For the first time, Jostens had a benchmark comparison for their migration to Salesforce Flow. This insight enabled them to measure progress and plan their migration effectively.
  • Proactive custom code security issue resolution: By reviewing their custom code through Hubbl Diagnostics, Jostens identified potential issues and could proactively address and resolve them, preventing future problems.
  • Security and permissions review: The solution facilitated a thorough review of security settings and user permissions, ensuring data integrity and compliance.
  • Optimizing profiles and permissions: Jostens identified and addressed unused or unassigned Profiles/Permissions, a quick "low-hanging fruit" action that enhanced their org's overall maintainability.
Hubbl Diagnostics Custom Code Dashboard (demo data)


Results: Trust, efficiency, and a roadmap for optimization

Implementing Hubbl Diagnostics brought about a transformation for Jostens. They gained a deeper understanding of their Salesforce org's health and stability, instilling trust and confidence in the system. 

When asked about the time saved with Hubbl Diagnostics, Chris estimated that in some cases, it could save days. Moreover, some of the insights provided by Hubbl Diagnostics were unique and unavailable with any other tool, making it an indispensable asset for Jostens' org management.

"Hubbl Diagnostics is a must-have for any consultant, admin, or developer working with Salesforce. Its free scan provides a complete summary of the customization and complexity within an org—it’s unlike any other tool.”

Free Salesforce org analysis 

Whether you are a seasoned Salesforce professional or a newcomer to the platform, Hubbl Diagnostics can be a game-changer in your journey towards a more efficient and well-performing org.