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Empowering client success and driving ROI with Atrium

Empowering client success and driving ROI with Atrium

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communication

Last Updated:

October 2, 2023

Atrium, a leading Salesforce implementation partner, has been utilizing Hubbl Diagnostics to enhance their managed service engagements and drive exceptional client results. With a focus on creating a highly personalized and valuable experience, Atrium embedded the org intelligence solution into their workflow, building long-term trust with clients through powerful org insights and proven ROI. 

We recently sat down with Patrick Schiffli, Client Engagement Director at Atrium, to discuss how their Managed Services team is transforming their approach to client management with Hubbl Diagnostics.

Streamlining org discovery and showcasing value

Before adopting Hubbl Diagnostics, Atrium faced challenges in understanding and assessing client orgs efficiently. The process of org discovery was time-consuming, often taking over 40 hours, and involved complex spreadsheets that were difficult to present to clients.

They were looking for a solution that would provide a comprehensive understanding of client Salesforce orgs upfront, enabling better capacity planning and project execution.

Patrick recalls, "We wanted to know what we were getting into. What do these orgs look like? Wouldn't it be great to have a tool to scan an org and see what was going on? We tried to build a homegrown solution, but it was cumbersome and impractical. Hubbl Diagnostics literally solved this problem for us."

Empowering Atriums client engagements

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive org intelligence solution, Atrium introduced Hubbl Diagnostics into their Managed Services team. 

"Hubbl Diagnostics solved a crucial problem for us. It empowered us to understand our clients' orgs in ways we never thought possible. With this deep level of insight, we can anticipate challenges, identify optimization opportunities, and deliver better outcomes for our customers.”

Patrick and his team utilize Hubbl Diagnostics in their daily workflow, running scans on every new client org and using the comprehensive reports to showcase progress and identify potential areas for improvement and innovation. This approach not only built trust with their major clients but also opened doors to new opportunities.

Patrick explains, "Hubbl Diagnostic's scans serve as a backlog generator, creating new opportunities for us. We can present our clients with valuable insights, highlight concerns, and ensure transparency in our working relationship. It’s been a game-changer."

Unveiling hidden opportunities and building long-term trust

One notable success story involves a long-term Atrium client. Atrium had been working with this large well-known tech company for several years, but came across a roadblock when their client’s team went through some changes. Atrium stepped in to provide continuity and support, leveraging Hubbl Diagnostics to scan their client’s org and uncover valuable insights.

During the scan, Atrium discovered a massive data table storing daily loads of usage information, resulting in substantial data storage costs exceeding $1.3 million annually. This revelation led to important conversations with their client about their data architecture and usage, identifying potential cost savings, creating a potential new project for Atrium, and ultimately building an even stronger client relationship. 

"The scan brought to light a data storage issue that our client wasn't aware of. We were able to quantify the impact and demonstrate how we could save them a significant amount of space and costs." 

A catalyst for client success 

Hubbl Diagnostics has become an indispensable tool for Atrium, enabling them to elevate their client engagements and drive exceptional results. With the deep insights gained from Hubbl Diagnostics, Atrium has been able to build trusting relationships with their clients, secure more business opportunities, and deliver remarkable outcomes.

"Hubbl Diagnostics saves us a significant amount of time and energy. But beyond that, it helps us build deeper, trusting relationships with our clients. We can quantify the impact we have made and showcase the space we have saved. I wish we had this tool years ago—it would have saved us so many headaches."

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