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Feature Release


Release Date:
April 13, 2023

Scheduled Release

Basic Scan Recommendations

We have added recommendations related to any information included in your basic scan results for new basic scans. These recommendations will help you identify potential issues and provide suggestions on how to improve your org.

  • Your advanced scans now offer a multi-select filter for easier recommendation filtering
  • Namespace filter added to Recommendations tab
  • New code quality recommendations have been added, re-scan your org to see them
  • Lines of code are now displayed for Triggers on Automation tab
  • Active/Non-Active status for automations is now visible on Automation tab
  • Field utilization % is now included in the advanced scan csv export
  • An informational message has been added to scans that don’t contain any data in specific charts
  • A bug has been fixed where scrolling and selecting recommendations was not consistently readable

Release 2.16.2 — April 25, 2023

  • The Summary tab's Flow migration tracker now includes a metric the hours you can save by migrating your workflows and processes to flow
  • On the Packages tab, you can now view the release state of a package. For advanced scans, the most up-to-date version number of any package is also available
  • To provide more clarity on the information shown, the High Risk table on the Summary tab has been renamed to Object Usage
  • A bug has been fixed where record counts on the Field Utilization table were displaying unnecessary decimal points
  • A bug has been fixed where some recommendations on the Recommendation tab were not loading properly