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Release Date:
February 29, 2024

Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking: Recommendations

We're excited to unveil some significant enhancements to Hubbl Diagnostics, empowering you to more effectively track progress, implement recommendations, and communicate success with stakeholders.

Now, when scanning your org repeatedly, you'll gain invaluable insights into emerging trends and specific recommendations—whether they're new, resolved, or persisting. Additionally, you can monitor these trends based on severity, helping prioritize your most critical issues.

Here's what else is new:
  • Enhanced scan completion email: Receive enriched insights straight to your inbox! Following the completion of your scans, our notification emails now provide concise summaries of trends regarding your health score, complexity score, and progress migrating to Flow. Stay informed at a glance and accelerate data-driven decision making.
  • Display scheduled scans from other users: For customers leveraging Team Sharing capabilities, you can now seamlessly view scheduled scans initiated by all users within your team, fostering transparency and facilitating coordinated efforts towards optimization.
  • Clarified error message for unusable Magic Links: In instances where a Magic Link becomes inaccessible due to expiration or prior usage, you'll receive a clear and concise error message, promptly guiding you through the necessary steps to proceed.
  • Connection information on scheduled scans: We've resolved a bug within the Scheduled Scans list, ensuring accurate display of connection details.