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Release Date:
November 9, 2023

Branded Magic Links

Branded Magic Links

Interested in sending out Magic Links but want to put your logo on them? Reach out to us to configure the images and text on the Magic Links you send out.

  • Updated the Welcome Email Video when someone signs up to be more accurate
  • Updated help text across the product to be consistent and easy to understand
  • Now when you use the Field Utilization dashboard there will be instructions telling you to select an object, making it easier to use
  • On the Utilization Tab you can now see the File Counts for your org under the Org Limits on the Details tab

Release 2.26.1 — November 15, 2023

  • Fixed a bug where no or incorrect record counts were showing up on Cloud Usage for advanced scans results
  • Updated some legends on the Recommendations dashboard to be easier to read
  • Fixed a bug where some some icons next to legends on the Summary dashboard were overlapping
  • Now when you click on a number in the Issues Severity vs. Effort on the Recommendations Overview dashboard it will open the relevant information in the Details tab