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Feature Release


Release Date:
March 21, 2024

Scheduled Release

We’re excited to share our latest release, which brings significant improvements to streamline scan management and enhance recommendation and utilization insights.

Editable scan names

We've made scan names editable! This feature is particularly handy for users with scheduled scans, allowing them to update the scan name to accurately reflect dates or business-specific details.

Search by scan owner

Introducing the ability to search scans by the scan owner's name, provided team sharing is enabled in your org. This feature streamlines scan management, helping you quickly locate the scans you need. As an account owner, you can also track Hubbl usage within your account more efficiently.

What else is new?
  • Enhanced recommendation trend insights: Users can now easily view an issue breakdown on the recommendation trend using our newly released tooltip. The tooltip displays a day breakdown for existing issues, new issues, and resolved issues since the previous scan, providing a clear understanding of your organization's progress and changes over time.
  • New object utilization insights: In addition to the Overview tab, the Details table now includes a list of unused objects. This enhancement allows you to identify unutilized resources across each cloud in your org, empowering you to consider their adoption and increase overall business value.
  • Improved package pubisher insights: We've enhanced the fill rate for the Publisher field within packages in sandboxes where Salesforce does not provide a value. Hubbl Diagnostics now utilizes our package database to fill in missing Publisher information, ensuring more comprehensive and accurate data within your environment.
  • Exclusion of managed and standard fields from recommendations: Managed and standard fields are now excluded from specific recommendations. This refinement ensures that actionable insights focus on areas within your control.
    Please note: this update may impact recommendation counts on new scans.