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Feature Release


Release Date:
February 8, 2024

Scheduled Release

Here's what's new:

  • Package upgrade recommendations: When running new scans, you'll now see Recommendations suggesting upgrades for any out-of-date packages found within your org. This feature ensures you don't miss optimization opportunities.
  • Comprehensive org trends: The Summary tab now incorporates scans performed by all users within your organization when Team Sharing is enabled. This update provides a more comprehensive view of your Salesforce org's evolution over time.
  • Licensed org identification: Org Name now accompanies Org Id on the Active Licenses list within Account settings, making it easier to identify your licensed Salesforce environments.
  • Enhanced org utilization insights: When selecting a Cloud in Org Utilization, you'll now see objects with no records displayed. This enhancement helps you identify and assess unused functionality within your clouds more effectively.
  • Clarified export naming: We've renamed the column "recommendationPriority" in the issues.csv export to alleviate any confusion caused by the previous name.