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Release Date:
December 21, 2023

Packages Dashboard

Enhanced Packages Dashboard: Gain deeper insights on your packages.

We’re thrilled to introduce an enhanced Packages Dashboard, empowering you with deeper insights into the utilization of your packages. This update equips you with detailed usage metrics, allowing you to make more informed, data-driven decisions for your organization.

What's new?
  • Package usage by record count: Visualize how your packages are being utilized through comprehensive record creation and manipulation metrics. Understand the adoption patterns of each package.
  • Empty fields per package: Identify and address inefficiencies and adoption issues by tracking empty fields within your packages. Optimize your configurations for improved performance.
  • Used and unused objects per package: Gain a holistic view of package utilization by analyzing used and unused objects.
  • Users per package: Explore user engagement within each package. Understand if package adoption matches organizational expectations.
  • Objects, automation, and code per package: Dive into the specifics of each package's composition. Evaluate package complexity in relation to business impact.

How to Access:

To access the improved Package Utilization Dashboard, simply log in to Hubbl Diagnostics and navigate to the Packages tab on any scan results.

  • Copy Magic Link - In response to your feedback, we've introduced a convenient feature to streamline communication. Now, users can effortlessly copy the Magic Link they've generated by clicking on its status in both Recent and All Scans list views. This is especially useful when waiting for an admin to scan their org, allowing you to follow up promptly with the Magic Link they need to click.
  • Salesforce object reclassification - To improve cloud utilization accuracy, we've reclassified the OperatingHours and TimeSlot standard Salesforce objects. They are now labeled as "Unclassified" instead of their previous designation as "Field Service." This adjustment ensures a more precise representation of these objects within the system.
  • Updated branded Magic Link formatting - We've refined the formatting of Branded Magic Links to optimize vertical space utilization. This enhancement not only improves the visual appeal but also ensures a more seamless and efficient user experience.