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July 13, 2023

Org Utilization, etc

Get more insights with the Org Utilization tab

Using this dashboard you can understand how different Salesforce clouds are being used in the org, which object and licenses are the most heavily used, and which org limits are nearing their maximum. By navigating to the Details tab you can get even more detailed information about Cloud Utilization, Licenses, and Org Limits!

  • When a scan completes you’ll get an updated email with details about the recommendations in that org.
  • If you start a scan without having the Health Check or Installed Packages permissions you will be warned, ensuring the scan has complete results.
  • Run a scan to check for a new recommendations
    • Merging global picklists if the values are similar to minimize unnecessary duplication and maintenance
    • Consider using a global picklist if the values are similar to an existing one

Release 2.20.1 — July 17, 2023

NPSP Objects in Basic Scan Results

To better support non profit organizations all NPSP objects are now included in basic scan results! Run a new scan and navigate to any tab to see results for these objects.

  • Fixed an issue where instead of the name of a piece of metadata a dash was being displayed for Recommendations.
  • Recommendations now link out to the relevant Salesforce Well Architected topics so you can get even more information about Salesforce best practices.