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Feature Release


Release Date:
November 30, 2023

Scan Sharing

Introducing scan sharing!

Now you can effortlessly share scan results with all Hubbl Diagnostics users within your company. This feature eliminates the need for multiple users to run scans on the same org to access results. Say goodbye to shared logins and gain a comprehensive understanding of how your users utilize Hubbl Diagnostics.

Key benefits:
  • Efficient collaboration: Prevents redundancy by enabling users to share scan results seamlessly.
  • Enhanced visibility: No more duplicative scans for the same organization.
  • Improved user insights: Understand user behavior by avoiding shared logins.
How to enable (by your Hubbl Account Admin):
  • Navigate to the "Account" settings under your profile in the top right.
  • Locate the new global setting for team sharing of scans.
  • Activate to enjoy streamlined collaboration within your company.
Branded Magic Links - Part II

Customize your branding.

Key benefits:
  • Tailor introductory text: Enhance user experience by customizing the text on the Magic Links landing page.
  • Brand consistency: Reinforce your brand identity with personalized Magic Links.
How to set up:
  • For those interested in setting up this feature, please contact us via the Help Center.

  • Salesforce Object reclassification: Reclassified the AccountContactRelation and EmailMessage standard Salesforce objects as "Unclassified" instead of their previous values, "Sales Cloud" and "Service Cloud" respectively.
  • Recommendations Severity vs Effort Matrix: Resolved a bug affecting the interaction behavior of the Recommendations Severity vs Effort matrix for a smoother user experience.
  • Salesforce NPSP Recommendations display: Fixed a bug where Recommendations for Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) objects were not being displayed in our free offering.