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Feature Release


Release Date:
November 17, 2022

Automation and Profiles + Permissions Tabs

Automation tab

We’ve combined the Object Automation, Triggers, Workflows, Processes, and Flows into one combined tab that allows you to get an overview of all automation in your org while still being able to drill into specific detail.

New Profiles to Profiles & Permission Sets

We’ve also added profiles to the newly renamed Profiles & Permission Sets tabs.

  • Added the ability to archive scans, for scans sent with a magic link it means the link will no longer be valid
  • We are removing the ability to export to Google Sheets, our csv export contains lists of all of the metadata we scan and can be easily imported into Google Sheets
  • Changed the name of the “Managed Packages” filter to “Managed Package Objects” to accurately reflect what is being filtered
  • Added a new “Namespaced” filter to several tabs
  • Added the total code count to the Summary Dashboards
  • Added totals and the lines of code to issue count ratio to the Custom Code dashboard