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Feature Release


Release Date:
September 7, 2023

New Purchase Flow

Our purchase flow is better than ever!

We’ve made our in-app payment flow even more streamlined, check it out now to purchase licenses at our monthly or annual price.

  • Removed extraneous buttons on charts that were causing confusion for some users
  • Added the install date of packages as a column in the Packages detail table, check your scans to see if you need to re-scan to get these results
  • We now show the number of recommendations you would receive if you upgrade your free scan
  • Fixed a bug where the axis on the Cloud Usage chart on the Utilization dashboard did not match other charts on the dashboard
  • Fixed a bug where users were not being prompted to access scan results on desktop if they were attempting to access it on mobile
  • Added a filter for users that were not able to select API versions when the section of the chart was too small