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Feature Release


Release Date:
April 18, 2024

Scheduled Release

Here's what's new:
  • Reduced scope for Hubbl authorization: When authorizing an org, you'll notice a significantly smaller set of permissions requested, ensuring a streamlined and more secure authorization process. Learn more about what access Hubbl Diagnostics needs to run a scan.
  • “Update API Version" recommendations were upgraded: You’ll now see new low severity recommendations for custom code with API versions 56 & 57 and medium severity recommendations for custom code starting from API version 47 (instead of 49 as previously). This update ensures consistency of recommendations regarding outdated code in line with the latest Salesforce release.
  • Improved Lightning Web Component scanning reliability: We've enhanced the reliability of Lightning Web Component scanning, providing a more robust experience for users.
  • Improved package version visibility: All packages now display their actual package versions, addressing a previous bug where this information was missing for some packages. This update brings clarity and consistency to package management.
  • Enhanced visibility for scheduled scans: Scheduled scans are now visible to all team members within an account, provided team sharing is enabled. This enhancement facilitates better coordination of scanning schedules within an account.