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Release Date:
October 27, 2022

Magic Link

Magic Link

The Magic Link feature gives you the ability to scan an org that you might not have admin credentials for. You are able to do this by sending an email to the Salesforce administrator who holds the needed admin credentials. Learn more about it and see how it works in the video below!

  • Benchmark score changes - we’ve made our complexity score even better by incorporating new elements so you can expect to see some slight changes in existing scores in scans
  • You can now see your code associated with retiring API versions in the Custom Code tab.
  • Field density is no longer in beta!
    • Fixed a bug with field density where some null values were showing as 0%.
    • Fixed a bug with field density where not all fields on all types of objects were included
  • You will now see icons instead of True/False in the Triggers tab table
  • Added code count metrics for Visualforce Components and Pages
  • Fixed a bug where object name filters were pre-populating and filtering with an object name, now you can easily search
  • Fixed a bug where you were told your scan wasn’t complete when it was but your results were still loading
  • Fixed a bug where you still had the option to export to Google Sheets while an export was in progress