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Release Date:
January 18, 2024

Scan Scheduling is here!

Scan Scheduling

We’re thrilled to announce some highly anticipated features related to scan scheduling!  These features are designed to enhance your experience and provide even more control and clarity in managing your organization's scans. Setting up a schedule ensures you are able to track trends in your org over time and stay ahead of any risks or opportunities.

What's new?
  • Set up recurring scans and take charge of your org's health, complexity, and adoption. Whether it's monthly or quarterly, this ensures your org is under constant monitoring, allowing you to track progress and stay ahead of any risks or opportunities.
  • Schedule a one-time scan to run at your convenience, so that you can align scans with your specific organizational needs or upcoming events.
  • Effortlessly manage your upcoming scans under the Scans tab, keeping you in control of your organization's monitoring schedule.

How to Access:
  • To access these scheduling features, initiate a scan as you would normally do by clicking the "Run a Scan" button on the Home page or top navigation.
  • As a step in that process, you will be asked when and how often you'd like your org monitoring to run. By default, this is set to "Run Once", but we'd recommend updating the frequency to either monthly or quarterly to completely automate the tracking of trends in your org.

Increased recommendations visibility

Updates have been made to the "Summary" and "Recommendations" dashboards to give visibility into the total number of issues by category found in your org, not just the issues unlocked in the free version. This enhancement provides a more holistic view of potential improvements across your org.

Improved clarity Free vs. Upgrade features

Crowns have been added to charts across the product, making it easy to distinguish between features limited in the free version and those requiring an upgrade. This transparency ensures you're well-informed about your org's status and the potential benefits of an upgrade.

  • Ability to update your Timezone under Account > My Profile
  • Enhancements to scalability of our scanner service to allow greater parallelization