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Release Date:
October 19, 2023

Introducing Hubbl Health Score

Introducing the Hubbl Health Score!

Curious about how healthy your org is? Check out the new Hubbl Health Score! Currently only available in the csv export on advanced scans but soon to be available on all scans. It gives you a score and grade based on how your org is doing compared to the Salesforce Health Check and Well Architected Categories. The below shows you how it might appear in your csv export.


  1. The Field Utilization dashboard has been updated to make it easier to read
  2. The Packages dashboard now easily shows the number of packages not security reviewed, out-of-date, and deprecated
  3. Fixed a bug where free Recommendation results were showing inflated numbers that were associated with the advanced version of that scan
  4. Fixed a bug where some buttons and toggles were hidden after being clicked
  5. Code Issues in the Custom Code dashboard are now filtered by the Issue Type and Rule when they are selected in charts
  6. Improvements have been made to make scans run more quickly

Release 2.25.1 — October 31, 2023

Re-introducing the Hubbl Health Score!

Check out any scan to see your org’s Hubbl Health Score, a score, grade, and breakdown of the health of your org based on Salesforce’s Health Check Score and the Well Architected Framework! This includes a re-design of the Hubbl Complexity Score as well. Click over to the Trends dashboard to see how your Health Score has changed over time.

  • Fixed a bug where sorting was not working on Field Utilization dashboard
  • Fixed a bug where Issue Rule on Custom Code was not filtering the detail table on the Custom Code dashboard