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Release Date:
September 28, 2023

Field Utilization Indicators

Indicator for Field Utilization not captured

Now when field utilization is not captured for a specific field you will see the following:

🔒 Lock icon - this indicates that a field is encrypted and thus Hubbl Diagnostics is not able to count the utilization for that field.

🚫 Circle with Line icon - this indicates that Hubbl Diagnostics was not able to get field utilization for a field for several reasons, including:

  1. The field is not queryable (either because it is custom metadata, the user does not have access, etc.)
  2. The field the object is on is not queryable
  3. Hubbl Diagnostics failed to query the field

  • Now when there are no results in an org for a specific dashboard a message will deploy
  • Added a new recommendation to detect for ApexBadCrypto code issues
  • The top recommendations in the email for scan completion is now be based on issue volume and severity
  • The filter bar has a new Reset All button for filters and a separate cancel for search results
  • Fixed a bug where the active filter was not working on advanced Summary results
  • Fixed a bug where the org wasn’t always pre-populating when users tried to purchase a license for that org
  • Updated the severity on “Update API Version” and included new API versions when checking for it