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Release Date:
June 27, 2024

Scheduled Release


Increasing scan request completion rate

Automated follow-up email for sender:  If the recipient of a scan request has not started a scan via the request link after 4 days, the sender of the scan request will receive a follow-up email informing them that the recipient hasn’t taken action on their scan request. Informing the sender and reminding them to check in with the scan request recipients improves the timeliness of scan completion.

The email includes information for next steps that the sender can take to ensure the scan request is completed:

  • Recommendation to send a personal outreach email with a scan request link included to copy.
  • A partner guide to learn how to achieve 80% response rate
  • A demo video on scan requests

Improved accuracy of issue counts

Improved the accuracy of summary trends to reflect previous scans' issue counts. Previously, trending data for Issue Count by Category on the summary dashboard had the possibility of being inaccurate if all issues of a given type were resolved between scans.

Adding two recommendations

We’ve added two new recommendations. Scan results will now contain the following recommendations: 

  • Apex classes without comments
  • Unassigned custom permission sets

Improving recommendations

Improved the ability to filter recommendations based on related objects. Flow and Trigger recommendations are now associated with their related objects where applicable.