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Feature Release


Release Date:
June 22, 2023

Recommendations Tab Update

Learn even more from the Recommendations tab

The recommendations dashboard got a facelift! You can now navigate between Recommendations Overview and Details to get more in-depth information about recommendations for an org. Effort has been added to help with the prioritization of recommendations.

  • All recommendations now have an Effort value associated with them
  • All users now have access to a sample advanced scan to see the full potential of Hubbl
  • Filters have been moved to the top of all dashboards for an improved user experience
  • Users can now see when a scan is going to expire by navigating to the Scans page
  • Fixed a bug where some packages were being erroneously marked as a beta when they were not
  • An overview of recommendations has been added to the advanced scan Summary tab
  • A scan's CSV export now contains the API name of any code issue. In the CSV export the list of issues in an org has been re-named to issues.csv to be easier to find, and it now includes the object it's related to.