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Feature Release


Release Date:
December 15, 2022

Scheduled Release

  • We made some small spacing changes in the Field Utilization tab
  • The explainer text on our Customer Code tab has been updated
  • We have added a new “Namespaced” filter to the Summary, Custom Code, and Estimate dashboards
  • The Summary tab now shows a zero on the KPI bar if there is no data for that metadata. This makes it easier to see which categories have data and which do not
  • A new description filter for Flows and Processes is now available on the Automation tab
  • Users can now assess undocumented flows and processes with the new description filter
  • We have replaced the arrows on the Estimator tab with a text field making it easier to add inputs for Estimated Hours
  • The Field Utilization tab now displays decimal places to avoid rounding up, for example we no longer will display 100% in cases where the field usage was actually around 99.99%
  • Updated a visualization on the Profiles & Permission Sets dashboard to better display the number of unassigned and assigned permissions when the count of one or both is low
  • Total Issues has been added to the Code Metrics table in the Code Detail tab
  • The Code Metric table now displays the relationship between source code and comments as a whole number rather than a percentage allowing users to pinpoint areas where there is not enough or too many comments as per their use case
  • A bug that prevented the Code Metrics table from displaying certain types of code (such as aura or triggers) has been fixed