Salesforce org optimization for Higher Education.

Harness the full potential of your Salesforce technology as a strategic enabler: empowering stakeholders, driving innovation and security, and advancing your institution's mission.

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The most innovative campuses have a strong metadata foundation.

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1. Audit your Salesforce org

Automatically schedule Salesforce metadata audits to gain a holistic view of the org and set a baseline for improvement.

2. Explore optimization recommendations

Discover your top recommendations for improving the performance, security, and utilization of your org, prioritized by severity and effort.

3. Enable continuous innovation

Share executive-level visualizations, get buy-in for optimization projects, and proactively monitor for new recommendations and risks.

Simplify security and compliance.

Growing data volumes, evolving regulatory standards, and aging IT ecosystems have made managing security and compliance increasingly complex for institutions. Hubbl Diagnostics offers higher education leaders an automated solution that streamlines security, compliance, and governance audits.

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Accelerate org merges.

Merging or consolidating orgs from different departments can be highly complex and time-consuming. Hubbl Diagnostics optimizes the Salesforce org merge process by automating this manual work to significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy, and security of higher education org merges.

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Achieve best-in-class org health.

Imagine what you could learn from the collective insights of all Salesforce leaders in the higher education space. Hubbl Diagnostics enables you to monitor and benchmark the health of your Salesforce org against the rest of the ecosystem to drive best-in-class org performance.

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Assess Education Cloud readiness.

Feeling overwhelmed about the migration to Salesforce Education Cloud? Hubbl Diagnostics provides insights and recommendations that will help you plan your move to Education Cloud and save you hundreds of hours of work.

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“Having a tool to distill this complex metadata into executive-level visualizations saved us hundreds of hours of work.”

—Lauren Margolin

Salesforce Manager, Microbiome Labs

The most innovative campuses have a strong metadata foundation.

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Recruitment & Admissions

Enhance the applicant experience, leverage data insights, and make informed decisions to attract, enroll, and retain the best-fit students for your programs.

Student Experience

Create a seamless, personalized, and supportive environment for students, driving higher satisfaction, improved outcomes, and increased retention rates.

Advancement & Alumni Relations

Foster stronger relationships with alumni and donors and unlock data-driven decision-making to accelerate fundraising efforts.

We take privacy and data security seriously.

We don’t want to keep your data, we just want to help you understand it.

Hubbl Diagnostics does not collect any transactional data from your Salesforce org. It simply counts records per object, analyzes an org’s metadata (code and configuration), creates an aggregated analysis, then deletes any copy of the org’s metadata—so you can focus on optimizing org health and security, not data safety.

We also use OAuth 2.0 to securely perform authorization on a Salesforce org without needing to access your Salesforce password.

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