Salesforce org intelligence for nonprofits.

We believe in empowering nonprofits to get the most out of their Salesforce investment. That's why we offer a 25% discount for nonprofit organizations, so you can allocate more resources to focus on what matters most. 


Empower your team to be more effective, productive, and impactful.

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Free nonprofit org monitoring

We provide free monthly org monitoring for nonprofits, empowering you to gain a holistic understanding of the health and complexity of your Salesforce org.

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Simple visualizations, clear recommendations

With interactive dashboards and prioritized recommendations, you don’t need years of Salesforce experience to implement best-in-class org health.

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Automated security and risk analysis

Pinpoint security and data risks, uncover out-of-date installed packages, and identify custom code issues in minutes, not days. 

“Having a tool to distill this complex metadata into executive-level visualizations saved us hundreds of hours of work.”

—Lauren Margolin

Salesforce Manager, Microbiome Labs

Actionable Salesforce org analysis for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Cloud readiness assessment

Feeling overwhelmed about the migration to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud? Hubbl Diagnostics provides insights and recommendations that will help you plan your move to Nonprofit Cloud and save you hundreds of hours of work.

  • Uncover NPSP utilization
  • Explore your object automation
  • Perform a security review
  • Discover Well-Architected recommendations
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I’m ready to optimize my org. Now what?

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Any nonprofit organization that can supply proof of their nonprofit status is eligible for our nonprofit pricing.

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Pricing & discount

A 25% discount is available on all plans. See our pricing page to determine which is right for you. Or get started with our free plan today.


Sign up for a free Hubbl Diagnostics account, then contact us through the Help Center with proof of your nonprofit status. Our team will be in touch with a discount code.

“Hubbl Diagnostics is a must-have for anyone working with Salesforce. Its free scan provides a complete summary of the customization and complexity within an org—it’s unlike any other tool.”

—Chris Pearson

Director of Salesforce Engineering, Jostens

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Looking for pro-bono Salesforce support?

We understand that nonprofits frequently grapple with technical debt, legacy automation, and security and performance risks, yet lack the necessary time and resources to address them.That’s where we come in. Hubbl For Good facilitates the connection between Salesforce experts and deserving nonprofits, aligning their technical proficiency with your organization’s specific needs.

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We take privacy and data security seriously.

We don’t want to keep your data, we just want to help you understand it.

Hubbl Diagnostics does not collect any transactional data from your Salesforce org. It simply counts records per object, analyzes an org’s metadata (code and configuration), creates an aggregated analysis, then deletes any copy of the org’s metadata—so you can focus on optimizing org health and security, not data safety.

We also use OAuth 2.0 to securely perform authorization on a Salesforce org without needing to access your Salesforce password.

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Salesforce org monitoring for nonprofits.

Join the growing community of nonprofits who’ve unlocked the full potential of their Salesforce org with Hubbl Diagnostics.

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