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From complexity to clarity: a nonprofit's Salesforce transformation

From complexity to clarity: a nonprofit's Salesforce transformation

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communication

In the realm of environmental conservation, every action matters. This also rings true for data and metadata management. For one prominent nonprofit dedicated to safeguarding the Earth, managing its extensive Salesforce database posed significant challenges. 

Managing an aging Salesforce org

This leading environmental organization, with over six million donors, is not only fighting the climate crisis, protecting wildlife, and ensuring healthy communities but also grappling with a complex and aging Salesforce org. 

"Before Hubbl Diagnostics, we were dealing with a huge backlog of technical debt that built up over our eight-year Salesforce journey," shared Jess, one of four Salesforce Administrators at the nonprofit.

The organization, which is also heavily involved in litigation with both national and foreign governments, is required to maintain strong data governance practices and maintain a highly secure Salesforce environment. 

"As a nonprofit dealing with huge amounts of donor data and litigation involving governments and corporations, protecting ourselves against security threats, including SOQL injection attempts, is essential but challenging."

Finding the missing piece: Hubbl Diagnostics 

Hubbl Diagnostics' Issue Matrix

Having spent almost two years trying to manually build a technical debt remediation roadmap, Jess found the Salesforce org optimization solution, Hubbl Diagnostics. 

"Hubbl Diagnostics was a game-changer in streamlining our tech debt removal process and creating a prioritized roadmap,” said Jess. “The issue matrix feature showcasing high lift and priority tasks became my favorite – a clear guide for efficient prioritization."

Above and beyond the technical debt remediation roadmap, Jess and her team also discovered:

  • Outdated installed packages: Hubbl Diagnostics facilitated an in-depth examination of their Salesforce App ecosystem, revealing outdated and non-security-reviewed packages. This proactive approach prevented potential security gaps and ensured the nonprofit had access to the latest features.
  • Migration to Flow progress: The solution proved invaluable in streamlining the migration to Salesforce Flow by providing detailed insights into existing workflows and processes. Through Hubbl Diagnostics, the nonprofit uncovered that a substantial 1,283 hours of productivity per year could be gained by modernizing their automation.
  • Utilization and org limits: The nonprofit was approaching data storage limits in their Salesforce org. Hubbl Diagnostics is helping them monitor these limits, ensuring efficient utilization and preventing bottlenecks.
  • Security and permission risks: The nonprofit conducted a thorough review of security settings and user permissions to identify access gaps, meet compliance and data privacy regulations, and ensure the right people have access to the right data.
"The ability to run a test scan, check outdated packages, and identify custom code issues provided peace of mind, especially in security and risk management."

From overwhelming to achievable

Since implementing Hubbl Diagnostics, the organization has transformed the way it manages its Salesforce org and has seen:

  • Improved productivity: Hubbl Diagnostics automated a previously manual and time-consuming process, resulting in significant time savings for Jess and her team.
  • Streamlined technical debt remediation: Leveraging the Recommendations dashboard, the nonprofit was able to construct and begin work on a prioritized tech debt backlog.
  • Optimized org: The implementation of Hubbl Diagnostics led to a faster, more user-friendly Salesforce experience, contributing to a more efficient and effective organizational workflow.

The real value, however, came from the mental load reduction and the support and involvement of the Hubbl team. "The support from the Hubbl team surpassed our expectations, demonstrating genuine involvement in ensuring we derive maximum value from the tool,” said Jess.

"Hubbl has truly transformed the efficiency and perception of addressing tech debt. It not only sped up the process but transformed the overwhelming into the achievable, significantly reducing our mental load.”

A “no-brainer” for nonprofits using Salesforce

"When we think about the price of Salesforce,” said Jess, “Having a tool like Hubbl is a no-brainer to ensure we're getting the most of our investment."

By offering a comprehensive view of their Salesforce org, accelerating technical debt removal, and providing robust support, Hubbl Diagnostics has become an indispensable tool for the environmental organization.

"Hubbl Diagnostics is a game-changer for nonprofits navigating the complex realm of Salesforce. Its user-friendly interface, unmatched support, and focus on tech debt remediation make it an invaluable asset. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hubbl to any nonprofit, especially those inheriting an org. It levels the playing field, offering accessibility and efficiency that are truly transformative."

Salesforce org monitoring for nonprofits.

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