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Matching deserving nonprofits with skilled Salesforce experts.

We pair skills with needs (and the smartest Salesforce optimization tool), to make a real, lasting impact. 

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Pair skills with needs

We'll align volunteer expertise with the specific requirements of nonprofits and facilitate the connection between both parties.

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Leverage the Hubbl Diagnostics platform to identify, plan, and track optimization opportunities.

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Give what you're good at

While picking up trash or planting trees are undoubtedly fulfilling, imagine the far-reaching impact your technical expertise could make with a nonprofit.

Nonprofits are in dire need of expert Salesforce support; even a simple automation could save them hundreds of hours annually.

Join Hubbl For Good, specify your area of expertise, and be connected with a nonprofit seeking help.

As a Hubbl For Good partner, you’ll unlock access to the complete Hubbl Diagnostics platform for one month, enabling you to develop a thorough understanding of the nonprofit’s org and pinpoint "low-hanging fruit" opportunities – quick and straightforward projects with substantial impact.


Increase impact with expert Salesforce support

Have you recently scanned your Salesforce with Hubbl Diagnostics and found yourself inundated with numerous recommendations requiring attention?

We understand that nonprofits frequently grapple with technical debt, legacy automation, and security and performance risks, yet lack the necessary time and resources to address them.

That’s where we come in—facilitating the connection between Salesforce experts and deserving nonprofits, aligning their technical proficiency with your organization’s specific needs.

By joining Hubbl For Good, you'll unlock insights from the comprehensive Hubbl Diagnostics platform, empowering your expert volunteer with a thorough understanding of your organization so they can make the most significant impact possible.

Just good people, helping good organizations, do more good.

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How does matching work?
As a nonprofit, how do I grant org access to the volunteer?
As a consultant, how do I get access to the Hubbl Diagnostics results?
Do we get access to the full results from Hubbl Diagnostics?
How long do we get access to the full results from Hubbl Diagnostics?
Who can participate in Hubbl For Good?
What resources are available for nonprofits through Hubbl For Good?
Is there a cost associated with joining Hubbl For Good?

Our nonprofit discount.

We believe in empowering nonprofits to get the most out of their Salesforce investment. That’s why analysis of NPSP objects is included in our free solution.

However, if you’re looking to dig deeper, we also offer a 25% discount for nonprofit organizations on our full solution.

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