Your most actionable view into Salesforce org health.

Hubbl Diagnostics uncovers hidden tech debt, surfaces areas of risk, and reveals opportunities for optimization.

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Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
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See a Salesforce org's metadata through a new lens to understand its complexity and surface areas that are slowing you down.

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View and visualize risky objects and org complexity with interactive dashboards and benchmark data from the ecosystem.

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Empower teams faster with an actionable roadmap to optimization that reduces costs and drives more revenue.

Salesforce diagnostics and optimization simplified. Because you can’t fix what you can’t see.

Say goodbye to time consuming manual org inspections. Hubbl Diagnostics is the non-invasive Salesforce change intelligence solution for easily and securely managing org complexity in four simple steps:

Step 1: LOGIN

Login to Hubbl Diagnostics and authorize a new connection to your Salesforce org.

We use OAuth 2.0 for secure org authorization without needing to access your Salesforce password.

Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
Step 2: scan

Hubbl Diagnostics inspects the org to analyze its complexity. We do not access or collect any transactional data within Salesforce, but we do scan record counts, code, and configuration (aka metadata) within the org.

After preparing an aggregated analysis of the scan, we do not store your metadata or security tokens.

Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard

Review key metrics such as API usage, automation by object, security health risks, and more through the interactive dashboard. Export to CSV for additional details and to have complete control over analysis and visualizations.

Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
Step 4: prioritize

Hubbl Diagnostics provides a holistic view of where to focus optimization efforts. Combine this with your business strategy priorities to identify efforts that will have the biggest impact.

Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
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Salesforce Consultants

Take the guesswork out of project delivery through impactful org diagnostics.

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Get the most out of your Salesforce investment.

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We take privacy and data security seriously.

Hubbl Diagnostics does not collect any transactional data from your Salesforce org. It simply counts records per object, analyzes an org’s metadata (code and configuration), creates an aggregated analysis, then deletes any copy of the org’s metadata—so you can focus on optimizing org health and security, not data safety.

We also use OAuth 2.0 to securely perform authorization on a Salesforce org without needing to access your Salesforce password.

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