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Our free Salesforce org monitoring solution is here!

Our free Salesforce org monitoring solution is here!


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February 7, 2024

We’re excited to announce, as part of our latest release, we’re taking a massive step in making org intelligence accessible to all customers of the Salesforce platform. 

We’re officially launching Hubbl Diagnostics Essentials, a free version of our org intelligence solution that provides the most comprehensive view into a Salesforce org’s complexity and generates powerful optimization recommendations. 

On top of that, we’re also excited to share that our much anticipated Recommendations Dashboard is officially live! It’s the first automated analysis of your org through the lens of the Salesforce Well-Architected framework.

So, what does this all mean for you, and what new features can you expect to see within Hubbl Diagnostics Essentials? 

What is Hubbl Diagnostics Essentials?

With Hubbl Diagnostics Essentials, every Salesforce admin will be able to scan their Salesforce org and access a snapshot into its complexity and automation—for free. 

With one basic scan per org per month, users will have access to:

  • New and improved summary dashboard 
  • Two advanced dashboards 
  • Five basic dashboards

Scan your org now for free to try it for yourself or check out our full features list to learn more.

What’s new about Hubbl Diagnostics Essentials?

Let’s break down the newly added features, dashboards, and insights on basic scans a little further: 

Improved summary dashboard

Everyone’s favorite dashboard just got better. In a single snapshot, you’ll be able to view:

  • Metadata complexity scoring: Quickly understand the relative metadata complexity of any Salesforce org using our proprietary scoring algorithm.
  • Migration to Flow tracking: Communicate to executives where your org stands relative to the rest of the ecosystem in its migration of workflow and process to flow. Provide motivation for remediation, or just get some well-deserved kudos!
  • High risk object identification: Identify your top three hotspots based on amount of automation and volume of records.
  • Profiles & Permissions: Review overall counts and assignment ratios.


Hubbl Diagnostics Summary Dashboard (Essentials view)


Access two new advanced dashboards

This is a big one! Gain ungated access to both the advanced Packages Dashboard and advanced Org Limits Dashboard. 

  1. Advanced Packages Dashboard: Say goodbye to out-of-date packages. This dashbaord enables you to instantly understand the package landscape of your org. Utilizing our proprietary benchmarking dataset, Hubbl Diagnostics automatically identifies your packages that have new versions available, helping you maintain a secure environment and ensure you are getting the most value out of your installed packages. You’ll also see a comprehensive list of all packages within your org, including deprecated packages, managed packages, password protected packages, and packages that have been security reviewed. 
  2. Advanced Org Limits Dashboard: Gain a clear understanding of your org limits to avoid any unexpected additional charges from Salesforce. This view provides a helpful overview of any areas in your org that are approaching or exceeding Salesforce’s usage limits. By scanning multiple times throughout the year, you can monitor how your limits usage changes over time.


Hubbl Diagnostics Installed Packages (Advanced Dashboard)


Access five new basic dashboards

You’ll also receive access to five additional basic dashboards that’ll provide a snapshot of the most important insights from your org. 

  1. Basic Object Automation Dashboard: Get an overview of all the automation on the Opportunity, Account, and Case objects broken down into flows, processes, triggers, and workflow. Clearly see when multiple automations are firing on the same events, perfect for identifying the need for trigger frameworks and automation optimization. You can even see the breakdown of namespaced versus not namespaced code. 
  2. Basic Field Utilization Dashboard: Examine the total field count and field usage for your Opportunity, Account, and Case objects. Identify empty fields and custom fields that could denote technical debt and opportunities to remove unused packages. You can also identify fields that have the same label but different API names.
  3. Basic Custom Code Dashboard: Run a free security audit of your custom code. View a range of metrics related to the Apex, Visualforce, and Javascript within your org with security issues. This will enable you to not only see the volume of custom code and how it spans across technologies (e.g., LWC, Aura, Visualforce, Apex Classes, Triggers, etc.), but identify specific security risks within the code itself. Great for security conscious admins and ISV Partners trying to pass the costly security review in one go.
  4. Basic Profiles and Permissions Dashboard: Secure your data. Get a snapshot of all of the risky profiles and permission sets in your org that allow the ability to export  data. See the number of active users being assigned this risky permission via profiles and permission sets. 
  5. Basic Recommendations Dashboards: View all the issues and recommendations in your org related to the Opportunity, Account, and Case objects so you can start building your prioritized optimization roadmap through the lens of the Salesforce Well-Architected framework or by metadata categories.

Scan your org for free to test out the latest features yourself. 


Hubbl Diagnostics Object Automation (Basic Dashboard)



Advanced org optimization recommendations 

And last, but certainly not least, one of our most anticipated features has just dropped: Hubbl Diagnostics Recommendations is live! 

We’ve taken and combined all our learnings, insights, and metadata and turned them into actionable recommendations that can make a real difference for you, your org, and your business. 

It’s as if your org is talking to you, telling you how it feels and where it needs help.

Available for Hubbl Premium users, our Recommendations Dashboard highlights issues in the metadata in your org—detailing the type, location, and severity—then provides prioritized recommendations for remediation using the Salesforce Well-Architected framework.


Hubbl Diagnostics Recommendations (Advanced Dashboard)


Pretty smart, eh? You’ll be on your path to optimization in no time. 

If you already have a Premium Hubbl Diagnostics account, simply log in and perform a new scan to access the advanced Recommendations Dashboard. For those with Essentials, you can access your top recommendations on Opportunity, Accounts, and Cases for free.

The most comprehensive Salesforce org intelligence solution is now free.

The deepest analysis of your Salesforce org, Hubbl Diagnostics provides actionable insights to reduce costs and drive revenue in one simple scan. 

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