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The deepest analysis of your Salesforce org, Hubbl Diagnostics provides actionable insights to reduce costs and drive revenue in one simple scan.
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Understand your Salesforce org complexity and automation in a snapshot.

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Customized packages for organizations and Salesforce consultants working with multiple Salesforce orgs.

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“Hubbl Diagnostics has saved us hours in analyzing Salesforce orgs. In minutes, you can initiate a scan that enables you to instantly understand the complexity of an org. Save yourself the time and money and subscribe to Hubbl Diagnostics instead.”

—Tom Scott

VP, Continuous Innovation, Salesforce

Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard
Hubbl Diagnostics dashboard

Salesforce org intelligence made simple—and free.

Hubbl Diagnostics uncovers hidden tech debt, surfaces areas of risk, and reveals opportunities for optimization.

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How it works

Say goodbye to time consuming manual org inspections. Hubbl Diagnostics is the Salesforce org intelligence solution for managing org complexity in four simple steps:

1. login

Login to Hubbl Diagnostics and authorize a new connection to your Salesforce org.

2. scan

Hubbl Diagnostics inspects your org, analyzing its complexity and ranking against ecosystem benchmarks.

3. Analyze

Review key metrics such as API usage, automation, security risks and more through interactive dashboards. 

4. prioritize

Empower teams to conquer org complexity through powerful recommendations and prioritization roadmap.

Helping Traction on Demand de-risk project estimates and build customer trust.

Thanks to Hubbl Diagnostics, Traction on Demand has been able to replace hundreds of hours of manual work with a single scan.

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