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Introducing free org intelligence for all Salesforce customers

Introducing free org intelligence for all Salesforce customers

EVP, Product Development

Last Updated:

August 29, 2022

Launching at TrailblazerDX, Hubbl Diagnostics Essentials enables organizations to conquer Salesforce org complexity for free.

When we set out to create Hubbl Diagnostics, we rooted our product mission in one singular goal: to enable humans to easily and securely get ahead of our ever-expanding cloud complexity by providing the broadest, most actionable insights. 

We’re excited to announce that today, we’re taking a massive step in making org intelligence accessible to all customers of the Salesforce platform. Hubbl Diagnostics Essentials is a free version of our org intelligence solution that provides customers with a never-before seen view into their Salesforce org’s complexity and automation. 

Take back control of your Salesforce investments 

We understand acutely the challenges Salesforce customers across the world are facing. Now 24 years old, the Salesforce platform has gone through many iterations of best practices and has evolved considerably in user experience and automation. For organizations who’ve been on the platform for years or who’ve adopted multiple Salesforce clouds, the complexity of their investment is increasing every day. 

They’re accumulating technical debt caused by changing business requirements and thousands of hours of building, refining, and adopting new best practices. This is slowing down their business and decreasing efficiency.

Launching Hubbl Diagnostics Essentials

Hubbl Diagnostics is on a mission to help these organizations conquer org complexity to mitigate risks, reduce costs and ultimately drive revenue; we want to get you back to what Salesforce does best.

Our Essentials offering provides any organization the ability to snapshot their org to understand their org complexity, highlight risky objects and conflicting automation and ultimately take back control of their Salesforce org. 

With your free scan, you’ll be able to understand your Salesforce org complexity and uncover actionable insights for optimization. 

Here’s a taste of what’s included:

  • Track migration to Flow: See how much workflow and process needs to migrate to Flow
  • Pinpoint your automation hotspots: Uncover and remediate risky objects.
  • Identify risks: Review profiles and permissions, org limits, and installed packages.
  • Build a priority list: Utilize powerful recommendations to build a prioritized optimization roadmap.

Learn more about the latest features here.

Making Salesforce org intelligence simple—and free. 

The Salesforce platform has never been so powerful. At the same time, we recognize there are new challenges to overcome if we are to be successful in the coming decade. It is essential to tackle technical debt, harness the latest automation, and understand org complexity. And we need to do it quickly.

We invite you to scan your Salesforce org today for free with Hubbl Diagnostics Essentials

The most comprehensive Salesforce org intelligence solution is now free.

The deepest analysis of your Salesforce org, Hubbl Diagnostics provides actionable insights to reduce costs and drive revenue in one simple scan. 

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