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Transforming project management at Brilliant Corners

Transforming project management at Brilliant Corners

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communication

Last Updated:

July 24, 2023

Driving impact through technology

Brilliant Corners, a leading California-based nonprofit, is dedicated to creating supportive housing solutions that empower individuals to achieve housing stability and independence. 

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Shane Copeland, Project Manager at Brilliant Corners, where he plays a crucial role in optimizing systems for maximum efficiency. 

With a small but mighty team, Shane was looking for Salesforce intelligence solution that would surface actionable insights, streamline project management, and seamlessly integrate with their existing work systems.

Metadata-driven project management: Hubbl Diagnostics

Enter Hubbl Diagnostics—a solution designed to tackle the complexities of managing a Salesforce org on a daily basis—which met Shane’s needs and more, and quickly became a critical asset for the Brilliant Corners team.

Hubbl Diagnostics' Recommendations Dashboard
"With Hubbl, we're not just managing projects; we're identifying, prioritizing, and executing them with precision.” — Shane Copeland, Project Manager, Brilliant Corners

The platform's intuitive interface and CSV export functionality facilitated seamless integration with their work management tool, Asana, streamlining their workflow. 

By leveraging Hubbl Diagnostics’ recommendations dashboard and prioritized matrix, Shane also identified and planned several projects including:

  1. Migration to Flow: Identified the legacy automation (workflow and process builder) that needed to be migrated to Flow and tracked the team’s progress over time. 
  2. Custom field cleanup: Explored field utilization and pinpointed custom fields to be removed, creating a more user-friendly and streamlined workflow.
  3. Security audit: Reviewed custom code and profile and permission sets, ensuring robust data protection and compliance.
"Hubbl Diagnostics stood out as the missing puzzle piece for our workflow migration project, simplifying tasks that would've been impossible without it."

Driving efficiency, quality, and collaboration

The impact of Hubbl Diagnostics on Brilliant Corners has been transformative. Shane’s workflow has been simplified and can more easily garner stakeholder buy-in, track project progress, and monitor quality.

  • Project management excellence: The platform's prioritized recommendations and CSV export capabilities have helped Shane manage projects with greater efficiency and precision. 
  • Enhanced stakeholder engagement: Executive-ready visualizations have improved transparency and communication leading to greater stakeholder buy-in. 
  • Data-driven decision-making: Trend tracking and detailed metadata analytics have become integral to their workflow, enabling the team to make informed, data-driven decisions. 
  • Ongoing innovation: Monthly scans have become routine, empowering Shane to drive continuous improvement within the team.
Hubbl Diagnostics' Trends Dashboard
"With Hubbl Diagnostics, we've been able to gain stakeholder buy-in more effectively, foster transparent communication, and ensure alignment across teams, resulting in smoother project execution."

Supporting a mission of empowerment

Hubbl Diagnostics has helped Brilliant Corners simplify project management and work towards a truly healthy, optimized Salesforce org. Through its prioritized recommendations and automated org monitoring, Hubbl Diagnostics has enabled Shane and his team to focus more on what truly matters—empowering individuals to find a place to call home.

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