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The Hubbl Diagnostics update you’ve been waiting for: Scan Requests

The Hubbl Diagnostics update you’ve been waiting for: Scan Requests


Senior Product Manager

Last Updated:

May 24, 2024

Meet Scan Requests.

Scan Requests allow you to scan an org that you don’t have admin credentials for. This is a dream come true for Salesforce consultants, who don’t always have admin access to their client orgs. 

Getting started is simple

  1. Send the Scan Request to your client’s email address from the homepage
  2. Client receives email (with a handy explainer video) and authorizes access to their Salesforce org
  3. Once the scan is ready, you’ll be notified by email and will find the results under your Recent Scans in Hubbl Diagnostics

See all your org automation in one place

Because simplicity is the key to life (and oftentimes a healthy org), we’ve combined the Object Automation, Triggers, Workflows, Processes, and Flows into one combined tab.

Now, you’ll be able to get an overview of all automation in your org while still being able to drill into specific detail. 

hubbl diagnostics dashboard

Deep dive into profiles and permissions 

We’ve also added new functionality to the newly renamed Profiles & Permission Sets tab (previously Permission tab). 

On top of permission sets, you’ll also now find information about profiles, providing a better overall view into risky permissions that users have access to in the org. With this new dataset, you’ll be able to:

  • Get a snapshot of all of the profiles and permission sets in your org
  • Review risky permissions granted by profiles and permission sets 
  • View the number of user assignments for each

hubbl diagnostics dashboard

Check out the new features on your existing scan

Completed your scan before the new features rolled out? No worries! Just log back into your scan and click through the tabs to see all the new data, visualizations, and results. 

The most comprehensive Salesforce org intelligence solution is now free.

The deepest analysis of your Salesforce org, Hubbl Diagnostics provides actionable insights to reduce costs and drive revenue in one simple scan.

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