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Planning your technology investments for 2023? You should be.

Planning your technology investments for 2023? You should be.

EVP, Product Development

Last Updated:

March 10, 2023

Hoping to optimize spend, get more out of your existing investments, and ultimately do more with less?

For many organizations in 2023, technology investment planning and maximizing value from your systems quickly, will be critical in combating growing economic uncertainty in our markets. 

‍Many will be asking the question, how can we ensure our technology investments are contributing positively to our bottom line?

Combat economic uncertainty by optimizing your Salesforce technology investments.

Salesforce—a mission-critical system for over 150,000 organizations globally—will be one of those investments being reviewed. 

At Hubbl Diagnostics, we’re helping our customers prioritize Salesforce org optimization efforts to ensure they’re enabled to make the right decisions based on accurate data. This all comes down to maximizing the value of Salesforce. So how can Hubbl Diagnostics help in your annual Salesforce investment planning process?

Five ways to get more value out of Salesforce in 2023

  1. Identifying technical debt that’s driving inefficiencies: When your users and administrators are bogged down by unoptimized processes and automation, it takes longer to do their job, reducing effectiveness and slowing your business down.
  1. Quantifying Salesforce org complexity compared to industry benchmarks: How does your org compare to others in the ecosystem? Hubbl Diagnostics scores your complexity in relation to the Salesforce ecosystem, driving more urgency around optimization projects and helping prioritize remediation efforts. 
  1. Accessing actionable visualizations and insights Whether you’re a Salesforce Admin, Director of IT, or a business executive, the visualizations and insights provided by Hubbl Diagnostics are clear, easy to navigate, and helpful in promoting stakeholder buy-in and driving faster decision making.
  1. Tracking progression of Salesforce Flow migration. The announcement about the retirement of Workflow and Process Builder made waves in 2022. Most Salesforce Admins are acutely aware of the need to migrate automation to Flow before the legacy technologies are fully deprecated. For many organizations, understanding where they sit in their migration to Flow will be critical to their investment planning in 2023. 
  1. Estimating resources (time, money, and people). As an organization’s use of the Salesforce platform matures, so does the need for continued remediation of technical debt. However, getting an accurate estimate of resources required for this remediation is tough. Hubbl Diagnostics provides you a clear understanding of the level of effort required to remediate your org’s debt, so you can start the new year with a clear resourcing forecast. 

Get more value out of your Salesforce investments in 2023

What can take a company 1000’s of hours to truly understand, can now be done in hours, maximizing your time and money spent in getting the most out of your technology investments. 

Strengthen your Salesforce investments and feel confident in navigating the uncertainty of 2023 by incorporating Hubbl Diagnostics into your technology planning. Scan your Salesforce org for free to start planning.

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