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Is your Salesforce org Well-Architected?

Is your Salesforce org Well-Architected?


Director of Product Strategy

Last Updated:

September 6, 2022

Salesforce orgs run businesses. Just like an engine running a car, if it is well maintained, there’s less chance for breakdown.

Salesforce recently launched the Well-Architected framework to show architects what healthy solutions look like and where to spend time. Think of it as the mechanics guide to that car, it goes beyond the owner’s manual (Salesforce Help?). We highly recommend reading the >60,000 words on the site, it’s gold. 

But…there’s an automated way to get started…and it’s not chatGPT. 

What is Salesforce Well-Architected? 

Salesforce Well-Architected is a resource that provides guidance and examples for designing and implementing solutions on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. It aims to help architects create healthy and effective solutions by focusing on three core principles: Trusted, Easy, and Adaptable.

The resource offers insights and recommendations from experienced architects within Salesforce and its ecosystem. It assists architects in making informed decisions and validating their thinking by providing opinionated views and highlighting areas of consideration or new technologies.

How do I know if my Salesforce org is Well-Architected?

Determining if your Salesforce org is Well-Architected involves evaluating various aspects of your organization's architecture, configuration, and implementation. Of course, this can be done manually, although (depending on the complexity of your org) this could take hundreds of hours of manual exploration. 

That’s why we developed the latest Hubbl Diagnostics feature, Recommendations, to be directly tied to Salesforce’s Well-Architected framework.

Automating the path to a Salesforce Well-Architected org

Hubbl Diagnostics scans your org and automatically identifies issues with the metadata in your org. It classifies the issues based on the Salesforce Well-Architected framework, prioritizes them, and presents Recommendations to address them—all in executive-level visualizations. 

This means you can, in minutes, identify priority areas to focus your development efforts and then easily communicate them to your stakeholders to get buy-in.


Hubbl Diagnostics Recommendations Dashboard


How does it work?

We were on the ground at TrailblazerDX when the Salesforce Well-Architected framework was announced. As soon as we saw it, we began building it into our product, Hubbl Diagnostics.

  1. The first step was to build an automated way to analyze Salesforce org metadata and present the results to end users. 
  2. Next, we created the capability to score each piece of metadata against a scoring rule framework. We built a database of scoring rules based on best practices from our 20+ years of Salesforce consultancy experience, the Salesforce Well-Architected anti-patterns uncovered by machine learning on Hubbl Diagnostics' proprietary multi-org metadata data set. If the threshold of the scoring rule is crossed, the metadata item is flagged and an Issue is created. To make this actionable, each Issue is assigned a Recommendation with extra details and resources to address the item. 
  3. Next, we mapped the issues to the levels of the Salesforce Well-Architected framework. To do that we constructed a matrix of the four-level hierarchy of the Well-Architected framework and assigned metadata issues to the lowest level of the hierarchy (e.g., Trusted>Secure>Data Security>Sharing and Visibility). This means that any issue identified is mapped across all for levels.
  4. Finally, to interpret the state of an org, we provide executive-level visualizations that make it easy to communicate with executives and developers. Individual orgs can have thousands of issues. It’s not particularly useful to just read this as a giant list of classified Issues and Recommendations.

Get started on your Salesforce Well-Architected org today

Many admins find it difficult to wade through the plethora of Well-Architected content. By scanning your org with Hubbl Diagnostics, you can save time by focusing on the areas Well-Architected where your org has known issues. Getting in the habit of properly maintaining your org is critical to keeping your business agile. The first step is always a diagnosis.

See how your org stacks up against the Salesforce Well-Architected framework

Is your Salesforce org Well-Architected? Scan your Salesforce org with Hubbl Diagnostics to see how your org stacks up and unlock your top recommendations for optimization.

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