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Driving Salesforce User Adoption with American Iron & Metal

Driving Salesforce User Adoption with American Iron & Metal

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communication

Last Updated:

July 11, 2024

American Iron & Metal (AIM), one of the largest metal recycling companies in North America, has always been a beacon of innovation and growth. As a rapidly expanding, family-owned business based in Montreal, AIM needed to streamline its operations and maximize the efficiency of its Salesforce platform. 

Olivier Tsinos, the Senior Product Manager for Salesforce at AIM, joined the company in January with a challenging task: to improve Salesforce user adoption and launch a revamped version of the platform by July.

The new org discovery challenge 

Upon joining AIM, Olivier inherited a Salesforce org that had been implemented three years prior by a large consulting firm. However, the initial implementation suffered from poor change management, resulting in below-target adoption rates. 

“I came into this role blind,” Olivier recalls. “I had no idea what I was working with. The Salesforce org seemed difficult to use, and the adoption rates were well below target.”

The AIM team was struggling with: 

  • Cumbersome user interface: Salesforce was difficult to navigate, especially for an older demographic of salespersons.
  • Data and integration issues: There was a significant lack of trust in data accuracy, worsened by poor integration and automation, leading to manual processes and slow workflows.
  • Security concerns: The platform had security loopholes, such as any user being able to export data, posing a risk to data integrity and confidentiality.

Instant visibility, actionable recommendations 

To understand the Salesforce org better, Olivier ran a free scan with Hubbl Diagnostics immediately upon starting his new role.

“I needed a way to accelerate my impact from day one and remembered that Hubbl had a free org monitoring solution.”

Hubbl Diagnostics provided a snapshot of the org's health and complexity, revealing that despite the low adoption rates, the overall complexity was not high. This was a relief for Olivier, who feared dealing with an over-engineered system.

“Seeing a lower complexity meant it wouldn’t take me hours to undo the work,” says Olivier. “I could start building the org I envisioned from day one.”

Key insights derived from Hubbl Diagnostics: 
  • Unused fields: Olivier discovered that the Account object contained over 100 fields, with over 25% being unused, leading to clutter, inefficiency, and a poor user experience.
  • Risky permissions: A thorough review of security settings and user permissions identified several highly risky modify-all permissions.
  • Prioritized roadmap: Leveraging the Recommendations matrix, Olivier instantly prioritized and planned his optimization roadmap. 
“Hubbl Diagnostics took the guesswork out of prioritizing initiatives. It helped me find the low-hanging fruit and focus on what truly matters.”

Ongoing monitoring and growth

The impact of Hubbl Diagnostics on AIM has been profound. Over the past five months, Olivier has saved 50+ hours, a significant time savings for a one-man show. 

This efficiency gain has been crucial as AIM prepares to bring on a new admin. The intuitive nature of Hubbl Diagnostics will be key in onboarding the new team members, providing them with a deep understanding of the Salesforce org quickly and more ideas for improvement.

As AIM rolls out Salesforce V2 in July, Olivier plans to use Hubbl Diagnostics’s trending analysis to monitor user adoption improvements, ensuring that the changes are not only well-implemented (maintaining their high Org Health Score) but also well-embraced by the team.

"Hubbl Diagnostics is so intuitive, sleek, and easy to use. It’s transformed how we approach Salesforce management, making my life easier and setting us on the path to achieving our user adoption goals." 

Salesforce org intelligence made simple—and free.

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