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A return to Salesforce agility 

A return to Salesforce agility 

EVP, Product Development

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March 10, 2023

A long time ago…

When I first discovered the power of Salesforce as a consultant at Appirio back in 2008, it was a different world. Technical debt wasn’t yet a challenge, because almost every project was a brand new implementation and Force.com was just released, allowing customers to build their own custom apps on Salesforce. Customers loved the agility and were excited about the possibilities that Salesforce offered through its highly flexible and powerful platform.

Salesforce consistently delivered new features and products through three major releases each year - which means I’ve seen over 40 releases since I first got involved! With so much new innovation, it’s now impossible for one person to be an expert in every aspect of Salesforce. Many solutions that were state of the art at the time, are now considered “legacy” technology and need to be migrated to newer technologies like Flow.  Not all customers were lucky enough to have in-house experts to keep their solutions clean and up to date, and the layers of complexity started to slow down that agility customers loved.

For many, it became difficult to make even small changes and business stakeholders became frustrated, knowing there must be a better way.

Excited as ever

Personally, I'm  excited as ever about the power of the Salesforce platform. No other platform offers the breadth and depth of out-of-the-box, industry-specific application features, paired with the versatility and ease of custom development functionality.

The problem is, Salesforce experts — whom you need to create and maintain well-architected solutions — are in high demand. And if you have them, chances are they already have a very full plate. 

So how do we make it easier for Salesforce customers and consulting partners to get a deep understanding of what solutions need attention, so they can stop wasting time and money living with technical debt?  

Introducing Hubbl Diagnostics

Everyone deserves to unlock that excitement of possibilities that a brand new Salesforce org provides. Hubbl Diagnostics can help bring back that “new org agility” by uncovering hidden technical debt, identifying areas of risk, and revealing opportunities for optimization.  

I saw first hand how Hubbl Diagnostics benefited Salesforce consulting partner, Traction on Demand. This inspired us to bring this product to market to help the entire Salesforce ecosystem, both customers and consulting partners alike.  

For consulting partners, the insight gained from Hubbl Diagnostics will help:

  • Improve accuracy and timeliness of project estimates justified by objective analysis
  • Position cross-selling opportunities based on discovered technical debt remediation efforts
  • Increase project visibility through scans along the way to see what is truly happening within their orgs
  • Build trust by exceeding client expectations with a proactive approach 

Likewise, regardless of previous experience, Hubbl Diagnostics will help any Salesforce customer:

  • Validate solution complexity by comparing against benchmarks
  • Gain comprehensive visibility into org complexity to better plan ongoing efforts
  • Optimize solutions for sustainable operations
  • Efficiently scale team and processes through technology 

Empowering Salesforce rockstars everywhere

I’m incredibly proud to be leading Hubbl Diagnostics to bring these benefits to Salesforce customers everywhere. Maybe it’s because I’ve had the opportunity to serve in a number of different roles related to Salesforce:  

  • Back in my consulting days when I was responsible for Salesforce project estimates and delivery, Hubbl Diagnostics would have definitely helped me catch more than a few surprises much earlier. 
  • As a leader of a product business built on the Salesforce platform, knowing the impact my product has on the complexity of a customer’s org is top of mind - and vice versa, knowing the complexity in a customer’s org that could negatively impact the smooth installation and operation of my product is equally important. 
  • And during my time running IT, the actionable insights that Hubbl Diagnostics provides would allow my team to stay agile and proactive with Salesforce, which was considered strategic to the success of our business. 

The Edwin Hubble discoveries revealed there was a galaxy beyond our own Milky Way. That in fact, the universe was a collection of galaxies. As we turn our attention from the stars to the clouds in the Salesforce ecosystem, I’m excited to see how we can look beyond what’s in front of us, to transform our current approach to business transformation and get back to true Salesforce agility. 

If you are interested in learning more, check out the insights within the Hubbl Diagnostics Benchmark Report based on hundreds of Salesforce orgs, or get started with a free Salesforce org scan.

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