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Understanding the Field Utilization dashboard

Understanding your Results
Last Updated
May 8, 2024

The Field Utilization dashboard provides insights into how fields are being used across objects in your Salesforce org. This dashboard allows users to identify underutilized fields, prioritize technical debt remediation, and optimize data management practices.

🚀 Hubbl Diagnostics Tip: Watch out for empty custom fields; they might signal technical debt. Evaluate fields with low usage to optimize or remove them, enhancing efficiency and data management.

How to use the Field Utilization dashboard

  1. Object Selection: In the dashboard, you'll see a table listing various objects in your Salesforce organization. Click on a specific object in the table to view the utilization of its fields. Alternatively, use the search box to quickly find and select the desired object.
  1. Field Utilization Graph: Once you've selected an object, the dashboard will display a graph showing the utilization percentage for each field within that object. Fields with higher utilization percentages (up to 100%) will be shown as used, while fields with lower percentages indicate lower usage or no usage.
  1. Interpreting Utilization: A field with 0% utilization means that it is never used in the records of that object. Blank utilization signifies that there is no data recorded in that field for the object. Fields with higher percentages are actively used and may be critical for the functionality or data management of the object.
  1. Drilling Down: To get more detailed information about a specific field, click on the field within the graph or table. This will allow you to drill down into the utilization details of that particular field, including usage trends and records.

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