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Why is Field Utilization missing for some fields?

There are multiple reasons why a field may not have data in the Field Utilization dashboard for a variety of reasons. Let's start by looking at the icon next to the blank field for more information.

🔒 Lock symbol - this indicates that a field is encrypted and therefore Hubbl Diagnostics is not able to access the field with an aggregate query to calculate field utilization.

🚫 Circle Backslash symbol - this indicates that Hubbl Diagnostics was not able to calculate field utilization for one of the following reasons:

  1. Unsupported Field Type: The field has a field type that doesn't support being queried in aggregate (e.g., Checkboxes, Long Text, Rich Text, Multi-select Picklists, Custom Metadata, etc.)
  2. Missing Access: The user who authorized the scan does not have access to the field or parent object.
  3. System Timeout: Salesforce timed out while attempting the aggregate query to capture field utilization (after multiple retry attempts).

If you are still unsure why field utilization information is missing, please reach out to support team.

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