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What is the Hubbl Complexity Score?

Getting Started
Last Updated
May 8, 2024

The Hubbl Diagnostics Complexity Score is a numerical assessment ranging from 0 to 100, designed to evaluate the complexity of your Salesforce org. Higher scores indicate a greater level of complexity. 

Key features of the Hubbl Org Complexity Score:

  1. Complexity analysis: Review your org's complexity, conveniently accessible on the Summary tab of any scan.
  2. Track changes over time: Monitor the progress of your org by utilizing the Trends dashboard to track changes and improvements.
  3. CSV export: Easily share your Complexity Score results with stakeholders through CSV exports, available for advanced scans.

How is the score calculated?

This score is derived from a proprietary algorithm that considers all scanned metadata items in your org, applying weighted factors to specific types of metadata, such as record-triggered automation. 

Leveraging the Hubbl Complexity Score:

The Hubbl Score is a powerful tool for org discovery and monitoring, helping Salesforce Admins, technology leaders, and consultants understand org complexity in a new way:

  1. Quantitative evaluation: The Complexity Score quantifies org complexity, providing an objective assessment that transcends subjective perceptions.
  2. Industry benchmarks: Users can quickly identify whether their org meets complexity benchmarks, aiding in strategic decision-making.
  3. Resourcing: The score helps facilitate informed decisions regarding resource allocation. For instance, lower-complexity orgs may be suitable for junior resources, while high-complexity orgs may require highly-skilled or specialized resources.