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Understanding the Profiles & Permission Sets dashboard

Understanding your Results
Last Updated
May 8, 2024

The Profiles & Permission Sets Dashboard offers insights into the access settings within your Salesforce org. This dashboard allows users to assess assignments, identify risky permissions, and optimize access control practices.

🚀 Hubbl Diagnostics Tip: Having too many permissions can lead to access management issues. Use this dashboard monthly to monitor and clean up unused or unnecessary permissions, reducing security risks and improving access control efficiency.

How to use the Profiles & Permission Sets dashboard 

  1. Understanding Risky Permissions: The leftmost chart displays risky permission assignments, where larger bubbles represent more assignments to risky permissions. Use this chart to identify and manage permissions with potential security risks.
  1. Profiles and Permission Sets Overview: The middle chart provides an overview of profiles and permission sets in your org, categorized by assigned and unassigned. Gain insights into the distribution and utilization of profiles and permission sets across your org.
  1. Number of assignments: The chart on the right shows the number of assignments using profiles or permission sets in your org. This will help you understand the breakdown of assignments using profile-based security model vs. permission-set-based security model.
  1. Sorting and Filtering: Click on bubbles or utilize filters on the top bar to sort and filter the table below. This functionality helps in performing detailed analysis and effective management of profiles and permission sets.

🚀 Hubbl Diagnostics Tip: With the upcoming retirement of profile-based permissions, we recommend using this dashboard to assist with your migration to a permission-set-based security model.