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Understanding the Org Utilization dashboard

Understanding your Results
Last Updated
May 8, 2024

The Org Utilization dashboard helps you understand what’s being used effectively in your org and what's not. By gaining insights into your Salesforce licenses, clouds, and objects, you can identify areas where you can optimize and extract maximum value from your investment.

The Summary dashboard is broken into two views, Overview and Details. Find these views on the right side of the dashboard.

🚀 Hubbl Diagnostics Tip: use the search bar on the Overview tab to find what you need even faster.

Key features of the Org Utilization Dashboard

  1. Cloud Usage: Understand how different Salesforce clouds (e.g., Sales Cloud, Service Cloud) are being used in your org. This is measured by the number of records associated with objects in each cloud. Clouds with higher record counts can indicate good user adoption, while those with lower records may require additional user training or process analysis. 
  1. Cloud Utilization: Understand how much of each Salesforce cloud's features and functionality are being utilized. This is measured by the percentage of objects used compared to what’s available in each cloud. A higher percentage indicates a well-utilized Salesforce Cloud, whereas a lower percentage indicates an opportunity for optimization. 
  1. Org Limits: Monitor org limits that are nearing their maximum. Tracking your org limits and knowing how close you are to reaching them is crucial for preventing bottlenecks and ensuring a smooth user experience.
  1. Licenses: View the number of assigned and unassigned licenses in your org to understand usage patterns and adoption rates.
  1. Object Usage: Review the number of records per object in your org to understand how much each object is being used. Analyzing object usage can help you streamline and consolidate your data model, reducing complexity and improving overall performance.
  1. Details View: Navigate to the Details tab, on the right panel, for more detailed information about Cloud Utilization, Licenses, and Org Limits.

NOTE: Org Limits under 1% will not be displayed on the dashboard.