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How to upgrade your Hubbl Diagnostics scan

Upgrading your Results
Last Updated
May 21, 2024
As a user of Hubbl Diagnostics, you can perform a free scan on any org once every 30 days, with access to limited results. To unlock advanced results, you'll need to purchase an upgrade. 

This guide will walk you through the upgrade process based on whether you have purchased licenses or not.

If you’ve purchased licenses:

  1. Navigate to the org: Go to any org that you've previously scanned using Hubbl Diagnostics.
  1. Upgrade scan: Click "Upgrade Scan" button. Select your desired license from the dropdown menu.
  1. Apply license: The scan results will automatically transition to the advanced level once you apply the license.

If you haven't purchased licenses:

🚀 Hubbl Diagnostics Tip: Explore the Sample Advanced Scan on your homepage or Scans page to experience the advanced dashboards included with a subscription.

  1. Ensure you've scanned an org: If you haven't scanned an org yet, initiate one by clicking "Run a Scan" on the homepage or in the navigation bar.
  1. Initiate upgrade: Click on the "Upgrade Scan" button.
  1. Autofill and choose tier: On the next page, your selected org will be auto-populated. The tier selection is based on the number of licenses associated with that org. Learn more about our tiers and pricing here.
  1. Purchase license: You’ll be directed to the license purchase page, where you can opt for a monthly or annual subscription.
  1. Explore your advanced results: After purchasing a license, you’ll automatically return to your scan, which will have been upgraded. Enjoy advanced dashboards and unlimited scans for that org!

🚀 Hubbl Diagnostics Tip: If you're a nonprofit organization, contact us at support@hubbl.com for a 25% discount on your licenses!