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How to share scan results

Getting Started
Last Updated
April 18, 2024

Scan sharing allows effortless sharing of results among all Hubbl Diagnostics users within your company. This feature enhances collaboration, eliminates redundancy, and provides a comprehensive understanding of user behavior within the platform.

How to enable scan sharing

  1. Navigate to Account Settings: Go to the "Account" settings located under your profile in the top right corner of the Hubbl Diagnostics platform.
  1. Activate Global Setting:some text
    1. Locate the new global setting for team sharing of scans within the Account settings.
    2. Activate the setting to enjoy streamlined collaboration within your company and access shared scan results effortlessly.

Why turn on scan sharing?

  1. Efficient collaboration: Prevents redundancy by enabling users to share scan results seamlessly and facilitates knowledge sharing among team members.
  1. Enhanced visibility: Eliminates duplicative scans for the same organization, ensuring accurate and consolidated results. 
  1. Improved user insights: Gain insights into user behavior and engagement with Hubbl Diagnostics by avoiding shared logins. This will help you better understand how users utilize the platform and optimize workflows accordingly.