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How to schedule a scan

Getting Started
Last Updated
May 21, 2024
Scan scheduling empowers users to track trends, monitor org health, complexity, and adoption over time, ensuring proactive risk management and optimization.


Types of scheduled scans 

  1. Recurring Scans: Set up recurring scans, whether monthly or quarterly, to monitor your org's health, complexity, and adoption continuously.
  1. One-Time Scans: Schedule one-time scans to run at your convenience, aligning scans with specific organizational needs or upcoming events.

How to access scan scheduling

  1. Initiate a scan: Begin by initiating a scan as usual by clicking the "Run a Scan" button on the Home page or top navigation.
  1. Schedule options: During the scan initiation process, specify the frequency for org monitoring (e.g., monthly, quarterly).
  1. Manage scans: Manage upcoming scans seamlessly under the Scans tab, providing centralized control over your organization's monitoring schedule.

Why schedule Hubbl Diagnostics scans?

  1. Continuous monitoring: Ensure constant monitoring of org health, complexity, and adoption with recurring scans, enabling proactive risk management.
  1. Track progress: By scheduling regular scans, you’ll be able to track progress over time in the Trends view of the Summary dashboard. 
  1. Aligned Assessments: Schedule one-time scans to align with specific organizational needs or upcoming events, facilitating targeted assessments and monitoring.