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What permissions does my Salesforce user need to run Hubbl Diagnostics scans?

The easiest solution would be to run the scan as a System Administrator. However, if you want to be more specific with the permission assignments, the following permissions would be needed:

Modify All Data or Modify Metadata - Required

Salesforce doesn’t have a discrete read-only permission for metadata, so in order for the Hubbl Application to retrieve and analyze metadata we need one of these permissions. Modify All Data is preferred as it also ensures that we will be able to retrieve aggregate statistics on all SObjects in the org.

Install Packages and Manage Package Licenses - Optional

In order to provide package analysis, Hubbl Diagnostics requires both of these permissions. Once again, there is no discrete “Read Install Packages'' permission.

ViewHealthCheck - Optional

For some recommendations, Hubbl Diagnostics relies on Health Check information. Without this permission, these recommendations will not be available.

Object CRUD and Field Level Security (FLS) - Optional

Hubbl Diagnostics can only provide object and field analysis on fields that the user running the scan has read access to. Any objects or fields where permissions are not available will be omitted from the scan output.

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