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Unveil opportunities and unlock ACV with the deepest understanding of your customer's org complexity, health, risks, and opportunities.
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Your secret weapon to supercharge customer conversations.

We want to empower you, our friends at Salesforce, to go into account planning with greater context into the health of your customer's Salesforce investment.

do you know:
  • How healthy and complex is your customer’s Salesforce org? How does it compare to others in the ecosystem?

  • What cloud should they invest in next? How are they using their current clouds (i.e Sales Cloud vs. Service Cloud or Revenue Cloud)?

  • Is their org secure? Free from custom code issues and risky out-of-date installed packages?

  • How well are they using their objects, licenses, fields, and apps? Could they be driving greater platform adoption?

Answering these questions (and many more) with the Hubbl Diagnostics analysis allows you to build strategies for improving the adoption of current licensing and a better roadmap for future platform investment.

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“Hubbl Diagnostics has saved us hours in analyzing Salesforce orgs. In minutes, you can initiate a scan that enables you to instantly understand the complexity of an org. Save yourself the time and money and subscribe to Hubbl Diagnostics instead.”

—Tom scott

Vp, Continuous innovation, salesforce

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Get your customer's Salesforce org insights delivered to your account by using the Hubbl Diagnostics' Magic Link (Instructional video included). No org credentials are required.


SIgn up

Sign up for a free Hubbl Diagnostics account at


magic link

"Send Magic Link" and add customer information. Contact must have admin credentials.



The receiver will authorize Hubbl Diagnostics to scan the org.



You'll receive the scan results directly in your Hubbl Diagnostics account.

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Empowering client success and driving ROI with Atrium

"Hubbl Diagnostics saves us a significant amount of time and energy. But beyond that, it helps us build deeper, trusting relationships with our clients. I wish we had this tool years ago—it would've saved us so many headaches."

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Unlock ACV opportunities with the most comprehensive view of your customer’s orgs.

Let these insights better inform your planning conversations and help your customer get even more value from the platform.

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